The Digital Notebook

Project #3: The Digital Notebook

This project asks you to establish a DoOO website using a blog platform and to consider digital media as material space that gathers meaning. It also asks that you record your interactions with meanings materialized in the AIDS Memorial Quilt (AMQ) and reflect on those interactions.

How to do it: 

  • Keep a physitech double entry notebook during the weeks you’re establishing the blog
  • Create a DoOO account and establish a blog platform on your website.
  • Attend to the look and organizational structure of the blog and create an “About Me” page
  • Compose a 6-post blog (digitech) that does what your physitech notebook does; records meanings from out in the world in such a way that encourages you to make your own meanings from those you consume.

What’s the point:

  • Digital technology affects the formation of meaning for all of us. Even if we do not use digital technology, the meanings formed by, through, around, and from it shapes us and our environments. This project asks you to consider this assertion by making meaning on a digital platform and reflecting on your experience.
  • This project also invites you, via the AMQ, to bring attention to the materiality of meaning making more generally, and to consider materiality in the research process.


  • Minimum: Established website (made intentionally public or private), featuring a blog site and 6 entries (in addition to an “About Me” page). The ideas unfolding in the blog posts interact with the meanings experienced at, and concerning, the AMQ. (B)
  • More than Minimum: You employ a greater use of the blog (more blog entries) and demonstrate the blog as a meaning-making space through the use of themes, metadata, organizational structures, multimedia, and other affordances of the blog space. Your physitech notebook considers specific moments in your experience working with the blog as a meaning-making space. (>B)

Assessment Date:

Note: this project will be discussed and assessed in conference at the end of the semester along with Project #4: The AMQ Research Project

  • Week 15 (November 26, 27, 28, 29, 30)
  • In preparation for our conference, go back and read your notebook’s left-side notes. Count each entry and record the number. Move some of your right side notes to the left side of the notebook: on the right, what is your mind doing? **You might use the back of the page for these reflections: When do you find something surprising or interesting happening in your writing? Is reading the writing easy? Clear? When is the writing confusing or muddled? Why do you think so? Bring your notebook to our meeting.
  • How did you do on the project? Does it achieve the project goals? Does the work qualify as “A” quality work? Why or why not? What grade does the work achieve and why do you say so?